Leader Coloured Crest Blouse

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White Leader's blouse with a coloured crest.

Note: We are currently changing the Leaders blouse with coloured crest to a new style blouse with navy crest.

Coloured Crest Blouses start at 81cm chest and go up by 5cm each size.

Lengths from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the garment start at 65cm and go up by 0.5cm each size.

The girls navy crested blouse are only available in size 4 to 12 so after that the girls need to move into adult sizes see as follows 

Girls size 14 = Ladies size 8A
Girls size 16= Ladies size 10A
Girls size 18= Ladies size 12A
Girls size 20= Ladies size 14A
Girls size 22= Ladies size 16A
Girls size 24= Ladies size 18A

The navy blouses are a different style so you may need to order a size up in them.
We do only have limited amount at our Supplier so we may not be able to complete your order. You will be contact via email to inform you of this and your options moving forward.